Friday, January 19, 2007


Just wrapped up the interactive agency of the year feature at work. I'm not sure what to say about it. I'm never quite satisfied with how any story turns out, although I thought this one had its highlights. Now I'll get grief from every other agency that was chosen. That will be fun. Here it is.

Confronting the Internal Pigdog

About three years ago, I was running lots, probably too much. I started getting strange ultrarunning magazine delivered, Marathon and Beyond, which would profile crazy ultrarunners, many of whom I gathered were either recovering hard-core junkies or bearded Eastern European men. One guy mentioned was this German dude who ran just unbelievable distances by himself. When he was asked how he managed it when he felt like utter dog crap after, oh, 130 miles of running, he said, "You have to defeat your internal pigdog." It turns out to be a German phrase for the depth of your soul that will advise against going forward, taking chances and getting on with it -- basically, the natural incliniation to be lazy. It seems like something everyone confronts everyday, the urge to just stay put.

Miles: 5.75; time: 45:35. It was the first run of the year in snow, albeit just a light coating. Riverside Park was empty. I did see one of my favorite characters: a squat, mustachioed Hispanic man who does intense calisthenics and, shit you not, shadow boxing on the Promenade.

The First Post

Finally. After many years of hemming and hawing about what my blog should be about -- running? bagels? how much do the Sixers need to suck to get Greg Oden? -- I'm taking the plunge. I was kinda forced into it because of The Challenge. For the last several weeks, I've tried to do something new, from a new commute to work to going to Mass to an unsuccessful attempt to be a vegetarian. This week, I promised to blog. Instead of choosing one thing, I figure it'll be about whatever strikes me as interesting. It's also a way for me to keep track of my running. I'll explain the pigdog later.