Saturday, March 24, 2007

Return of the Long Run?

Ok, Ok, so I took two months off between posts. I truly don't understand how the bloggerati do it. I'm in awe.

I'm finally starting to feel back to semi-normal after a bout with the flu and nagging hamstring/IT band injuries threw me off. It's pretty humbling to go back to being out of shape. Today I ran along the Hudson, down to about Chelsea Piers. There's been more progress to the Hudson River Park Project, including another sweet mini-park just north of Chelsea Piers (JuNoChePi?). It was the first time I've run an hour in at least three months. I miss being able to run 20.

Random thing to check out that an agency dude told me about: social-shopping site I Like Totally Love It. Nice concept, interesting stuff, such as the Communist party t-shirt.

8 miles, 1:02:10

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