Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lessons Learned

Wow, long mo-fo week. I learned lots, such as the ease with which PR people lie and how my deli guy absolutely cannot take his time to ensure an error-free order scenario. I also learned the importance of appreciating weird shit from the commuting run:
1) You can change in your cubicle after 8:00pm. The risk is minimal, particularly if you shout the "I'll soon be briefly naked here" warning. Cleaning personnel is the real risk here, trust me. They can sneak around the corner without warning.
2) If you run by a guy standing in front of a girl seated at a bench in Riverside Park at 9:00pm on a Friday, there's a fair chance a sex act is involved. For real.
3) "The Irish Goodbye" has a Mexican cousin. This is the term I've used for the guy who is drunk and chooses to disappear without saying his farewells. Tonight, my fiesta host pulled the Mexican version. It involves going to visit a ghost. It's all a little hazy.
4) There's a business version off the pigdog. It's sticking with a startup long after the sheen has worn off, working to build a business and succeeding despite early setbacks. When the market suddenly decides you're worth $1b, it's an incredible moment for the people who spent up to a decade trying to build this kind of value, only to have it suddenly happen. The downside is the person who built a good part of the value in the company but got none of the benefits b/c of corporate BS. I admire builders, not managers, people who take risks and work hard through the inevitable bad times. The only good entrepreneurs I know have been knocked around and come back stronger.

6.5 miles, 47:00 (I forgot my watch, but I felt like I ran fast)

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