Monday, May 28, 2007

Resetting the Watch

Before beginning each run, I do one last thing: reset my watch. The numbers from the previous run, good or bad, disappear, a new run awaits. This afternoon, I reset my watch from Delaware. The 6:17:08 (I turned my watch off after returning to the hotel from the hospital) were zapped away. Time to move on.

I've been transfixed by the unfolding doping scandals in cycling. It's probably wrong to say, but the sinister Spanish doctors, tattle-tale Belgian masseurs, and hotel rooms filled with blood-transfusion equipment gives cycling a bit of pizazz. Well, it's all coming home to roost now. Floyd looks roasted, Ullrich is in hiding and Riis is doing the tearful confession routine; the sport's getting turned over. It's a matter of time before this ends up at Lance's doorstep. It is pretty apparent that the use of EPO and other performance enhancers was absolutely rampant in the peloton. To deny it at this point is rather silly.

4.25 miles, 34:03

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