Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fall Marathon

It seems like just the other day I was lying in a gurney with an IV piping fluids back into my body, but life moves on. I realize it's time to decide what marathon to run in the fall. I'm starting, ever so slowly, to get back into OK shape. This week, I ran four times. Next week, I'll run five. The longest run I've done has been, I think, about 8 miles. Maybe next weekend I'll do 10. I prefer marathons earlier in the fall season, even though that's counterintuitive considering my crumpling problem in the heat. Looking at the races on, I see a few intriguing options:
1) Indy: I wanted to run it last year, but I worry it would make for a strange weekend with KT.
2) Portland: This is one of several places (Maine, Santa Fe, South Africa) that I image I'd like very much. It would be a fun excuse to go out there.
3) Mt. Deseret Island Marathon: If we go to Maine for vacation, I wouldn't go back for this race, but it does look amazing. And Red Lobster is now on board as a sponsor.

6.5 miles, 52:12

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