Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Septugenarian vs Pigdog

I truly hope I'm able to run as I get older, right up until the end, really. It makes me happy to read old guys who are still at it, although I've noted some of them came to running late in life. Maybe there's only so many miles (on asphalt) in a body. In any case, a 70-year-old laser eye surgeon in Fresno is taking on the Badwater Ultra, a 135-mile race through Death Valley. Robin Smit will be the oldest person in the field when the race kicks off Monday. He wants to do the course in under 48 hours, which will get him a coveted Badwater belt buckle. In seems like Robin is ready: he did a 135-mile "training run" a couple weeks ago, and he's fond of running when it's 109 degrees out. He should do just fine.

5.75 miles, 47:10

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