Friday, January 18, 2008

Running Cold

There are always reasons not to run. Long day at work. Hangover. Social obligation. Rain. Snow. Hot or cold weather. The truth is, there's a choice. If you look hard enough, you'll find an excuse. Sometimes, people express alarm that I run outside year round. What about when it's really cold? I like it. My body produces a lot of heat, so it's actually much more pleasant than slogging through hot, humid runs. Gina Kolata does a nice job demolishing the myth that running in cold weather is bad for you, particularly the dumb notion that breathing in cold air is bad for your lungs. (I've heard that several times.) So far, it's been a mild winter. I've run in shorts every time but maybe a handful. The weather is supposed to turn much colder this weekend, but I find the Craft second-skin base layer, another long-sleeved shirt, hat and gloves does the trick.

5.2 miles, 34:54

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