Sunday, January 6, 2008

When Pigs Fly

I made the commitment: I'm running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. It was hard to decide which Spring marathon to run -- or even whether to do one -- but a few things made the Pig a good place to face down the Internal Pigdog. 1) My friend Tom is running the race with me. After nearly two years of visiting Indiana but not going to see him in Kentucky, I'll see this nirvana that goes by the name of Lexington. 2) The date. The Pig is on May 4, pretty late in the Spring marathon season. Other races I mulled took place in late March. My training is just not there yet. 3) Early start. The race starts at an eye-popping 6:30am. I might have to get up at 4am to eat, but I probably won't crumple that early.

Training is going well. This week, I ran 36+ miles. My back and ITB are both sore. Guess it's inevitable.

4.75 miles, 33:30

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