Sunday, February 10, 2008

Race Report: Bronx Half

There are some days when things are just out of sorts. Today was one of those days. The Bronx Half Marathon should have been an ideal race. For whatever reason, it wasn't. The weather was warmer than I thought, which actually made me uncomfortable because I was overdressed. Then there was the wind gusts along the Grand Concourse. But mostly, I just never got comfortable. Strange. The mile-by-mile breakdown:
1: 6:51
2: 6:49
3: 6:48
4: 6:52
5: 7:01
6: 6:55
7: 6:55
8: 7:04
9: 7:01
10: 7:01
11: 7:05
12: 7:05
13.1: 7:40 (huh?)

Finish: 1:31:10, 6:58 pace


Laura said...

The wind was really bad; I didn't find it to be a great race either. That last mile seemed slow for me too, though I don't know my actual splits. Great job with the times though - you're a speed demon!

Morrissey said...

you still went on a sub 7 pace though. given the conditions, i think you rocked it

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