Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ryan Shay

I came across this video from an ESPN segment about Ryan Shay, the marathoner who died during the Olympic Trials here in the fall. It focuses on Alicia, his wife, who is now trying to accomplish her own dream of running in the Olympics in the 10K. I'm not much for public memorials, but there's a nice understated one to Ryan in Central Park. On the way up Cat Hill, there's a rock with "Shay" written on it.

4.72 miles, 36:00

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Anonymous said...

Ryan was the year ahead of me at Notre Dame. I didn't really know him, but you heard about him all the time. It was such a weird thing when he died since healthy runners in their 20's don't die suddenly. What a touching tribute, and I wish the best for Alicia.