Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Week's Miles

Week 2 of Pfitzinger was tough. I'm either doing too much, too soon, or I'm getting used to the extra mileage and intensity. I did 55 miles, about what my peak was training for the Flying Pig. The miles have made me a little tired. I didn't sleep enough this week. The key is figuring out the intensity of runs. I'm trying to make my recovery runs real recovery, but it is hard to run as slowly as maybe I should. Today's five miler was a little under 40 minutes. That seems about right to me. My long run was at about 7:45 pace. The only speed work was some 100-meter strides during an 8 miler. It will be interesting to see what happens this week, when the schedule calls for an 11 miler and 12 miler during the week, followed by a 15-mile run on the weekend. Should be doubly interesting with travel to San Francisco added in.

Mileage: 55

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, FWIW, I had the same reaction. Be sure to take a cutback week like Pete recommends (I think it's every third or fourth week).