Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Week's Miles

Traveling is always a pain, particularly for running. I got really lucky with my trip to the Bay Area, mostly by it being a great a place to run. Running is a cool way to see new places, since it brings you where you'd never normally go. In San Mateo, I ran along the Bay Trail up to Foster City and a little beyond in a long run. In San Francisco, I ran in my bathing suit (no Speedo) through a rainy Golden Gate Park. In San Jose, I passed by tattoo parlors, brown-water canals and a squatter camp. I drove down to Campbell to run a tough 14-mile medium-long run on the Los Gatos Trail, passing lots of lakes, parks and mountain bike trails. This also marked my longest week yet of training -- and about the most miles I've done in a week. I always topped out at 60 miles in my previous training regimens. I ended the week feeling pretty healthy. My right hamstring started to ache at the end of my 18-miler, but it felt alright today. If there was one weak part it was Monday's lacatate workout, which included 10 100-meter strides. Not knowing the distances made it hard. All in all, I feel ready for a 65-mile week, then a step-back week to end the endurance mesocycle. That's when the training looks like it gets serious. Gulp.

Miles: 62.5

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