Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Week's Miles

For a 70-mile week, it didn't go that bad. In fact, I even managed to go out a three nights. The key run of the week was a great 12-mile tempo run. If the distances Nike posted are to be believed, I ran well below 6:30 for the seven miles. Yesterday's 22-mile run came off surprisingly easily, although I got scared by some acute shin pain. That was mostly gone this morning. The good training left me with a dilemma: how to get in at least one half marathon before Philly? I'm pretty much decided on trying the Seaside Half Marathon in presumably lovely Seaside Heights, NJ. Now my debate is how much to taper for the race. My schedule calls for 68 miles, including an 8-15k tune-up race. Since I'm going a little farther, I'll trim back some of the workouts. In particular, Pfitzinger has an 18-mile long run in addition to the race. Um, no thanks. I'll probably max out at 60 miles for the week.

5 miles, 40:30

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Laura said...

Seaside sounds really nice! I'm very up in the air about Atlantic City this weekend... worried about my knee, though the pain seems to disappear when I run.