Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running and Reading

Brad Feld, a VC whose blog I read, had a great post today. Brad funds tech companies and runs marathons on the side. I envy him for living in Boulder and doing the trails out there in altitude. I only spent four days in Boulder but fell in love with the running options it has. Brad also thinks about what running means for his life, how he thinks and where it fits with who he is. I love that stuff. Today he posted an oddly affecting video from Will Smith back in his Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff days. He's speaking at a Nickelodeon awards show about the keys to life. "Running and reading," he tells the crowd. He pretty much puts his finger on the Pigdog, talking about how in running you get so tired a little person inside (the Pigdog) tells you to quite. "If you learn to defeat that person when you're running, you'll learn to not quit when things get tough in your life," he says. Reading gives you perspective because others have dealt with the same stuff you're confronting. Wise.


runner-grrl said...

Great post, you are right, W. Smith really captures your internal "pigdog" concept. Loved the last quote he say in the video, "The person that works the hardest wins." That's always been my philosophy. I've never been as good or better than anyone else at anything, but I've always worked harder and that alone can put me on top. Hope your Achilles is healing up quickly. --Alex (aka run350 on twitter)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post Brian. And thanks for putting the video up. I agree running and reading are at least 2 of the vital keys to life :-)

Hope your Achilles is coming along well!