Monday, February 16, 2009

The Week in Training

I'm starting to get the hang of triathlon training. It's fun. The best part is the variety, the worst part is the planning. In New York City, something as simple as going for a swim isn't exactly simple. Last Monday, it meant five people to a lane and an ornery French dude in a bikini who nearly got into a fight with another swimmer. Just out of circumstance, I ended up working out every day. This isn't ideal, but I'm not at the point where I'm doing two workouts a day -- or even brick workouts. Here are the tallies:

Running: 2x, 19 miles. I should probably ease off the running somewhat. I went for a 12.5 mile run on Saturday at about 8:00 per mile, too quick. I'd rather use that energy on the bike and in the pool.

Swimming: 3x, 3.7 miles. By the end of the week, I got more comfortable with flip turns. Man, it's a long way from Whitemarsh Country Club showdowns with Manufacturers to chasing the line in a YMCA pool in Greenwich Village.

Cycling: 2x, 31.3 miles. Both rides were on stationary bikes. Not ideal. I'm wondering whether to try spin classes and go at my own pace. I'm a little wary b/c I picture a spin class with loud music and a maniac instructor. That would be way too much to handle from silent runs in the dark by myself.

Total distance covered: 54 miles


Danielle in Iowa said...

Try and find a spin class that is led by a cyclist or a triathlete instead of a just a fitness instructor. My favorite spin class was taught by the owner of the local bike store - since it was training for him the whole workout was pretty focused towards cycling skills.

There still will probably be loud music though...

Greg On the Run said...

Great workouts this week.

See if you can find a spin class where they'll put the tour of California on a TV in the class. My local gym always has tapes of LeTour playing during their indoor cycling workouts.

Have tried combining workouts, yet? Takes even more planning but it is worth it, especially as you get used to the transition from the bike to the run.

TunaTacoGrande said...

Did the French guy look good in the banana hammock? Gotta love a guy who parades around in Grape Smugglers.

PLe1 said...

Hey Brian,

We're starting to plan for the reopening of the Runners' Station and I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. If you have some time could you please take a moment to fill this out and/or pass it to other runners who frequent the WSH?

Thanks in advance.