Sunday, May 10, 2009

Working Out the Kinks

Recovering from injuries is essential for running. The fact is it is a traumatic activity. Injuries are inevitable, it seems more so as I get older. I'm now determined to get healthier, no matter what I need to do. That led me to Chinatown on Friday for my second ever foot massage. Those guys really get into on the feet and below the knee. And guess what? It helped. The foot massage and a few outings with The Stick have improved things. Next up: a sports massage on Thursday. I found the woman through the NYRR Web site. In a series of email messages, she assured me massage and active-isolated stretching can help with my lower leg muscle tightness. I'm eager to see what she does Thursday -- and how much it hurts.

The upside of this recent injury is my swimming has improved. I'm at the point where 2,500 yards isn't so bad. More important, I feel like I'm swimming pretty efficiently. I'd like to get back on the bike and running in the park. That will happen. For now, I'm taking consolation knowing I'm improving in at least on discipline and becoming stronger.

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