Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Running Goals

I’m not usually one for setting out New Year’s resolutions, but I like to set goals. With that in mind, I came up with my five running goals for 2010.

1. Revive the Pigdog: I’ve become a spotty blogger, both at @bmorrissey and here. It probably figures, since I spend my day writing for Adweek and Adfreak. My updates on DailyMile have also cut into writing here. That’s going to change in 2010. At least two posts to both the Pigdog and @bmorrissey each week, without fail.

2. Run a good Boston. One of my great running regrets is failing at Boston in 2003. In retrospect, it was the end of my greatest streak in running, starting with the 3:02 at Chicago that continued through the winter to my first 50k. I came to Boston hoping to break three hours. It didn’t happen. Looking back, I realize I was still screwed up from the 50k. This year, I’m finally going back to Boston. I want to run a solid race, hopefully under 3:15 so I qualify again for 2011.

3. Get healthy. I haven’t felt healthy running in some time. Harrisburg was encouraging because it made me realize I can run a pretty good marathon while dealing with my Achilles injury. The trick is to minimize the mileage through cross-training. That’s not going to fly in the long term. I need to figure out how to heal the Achilles through stretching, PT, something.

4. Go long. This might seem counter-intuitive to my getting healthy goal, but I’d like to do a 50-miler next year, probably the JFK 50. Ultras have always intrigued me. The closest I’ve come is a pair of 50ks. I loved them, mostly because they were low-key and more fun than big marathons. If I get through Boston in OK shape and figure out the Achilles, I’d love to arrange my fall around the JFK.

5. Have a running adventure. I haven’t had one of these in a while. Running is fun, at least it should be fun. I want to travel somewhere for a fun race, something like the Reach the Beach relay or a long trail run in a place of the country I’ve never been.


Anonymous said...

These sound like great goals! Good luck in 2010. DailyMile is great, but I agree it takes some of the steam out of updating the blog...

The Laminator said...

Those all sound like great goals! Next year should be lots of fun for you! Happy 2010!

Kim said...

You may not be able to get into the JFK race..it's pretty sewn up with return runners and such. And with the price (I believe around 135$!) and the controversy with the RD salary (just Google it) may I offer that there are many other (and I believe) better 50 milers or 50K.
You may want to look at the Mountain Masochist 50++ mile Race-a classic. Tough race, but much of course is on jeep style trails. For a little later in the year, Oil Creek Races (Titusville PA) offers a 50K and a 100K along with the 100 mile race.