Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fat Guy vs Pigdog

Being a running snob, I'm not a huge fan of charity runners in the Boston Marathon. The whole point of Boston is its selectivity: you work to a certain point to be qualify. But there's always the side door through a charity program or, worse, banditry. It looks like this year's charity runners will have a hefty addition: a 438-pound beekeeper from Wisconsin, who vows to run the race on a month's training to raise $100k for the American Cancer Society. The big bee guy makes some specious claims, such as calling Boston "the most physically demanding marathon in the world." I think those who staggered through the Marathon des Sables would probably disagree. Anyway, if the guy doesn't do it -- and really, if push comes to shove, who couldn't shuffle 26 miles in 7 hours? -- you get to place a tattoo on his back. In case advertisers didn't perk up, the eBay listing helpfully adds, "This is a very large man and will be great for publicity." It looks like his training is going well.

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