Monday, April 2, 2007

Sharing Rides

Organic's Three Minds blog -- why is it again every agency doesn't blog? -- pointed me to a service I want to try: Hitchsters. The idea is to match people up to share cabs to and from airports. There really isn't anything more mystifying than sitting in line for a cab and hearing someone else in front of you going to the same part of town. I never got why they didn't have a "share line." Hitchsters claims a "patent-pending" system to match riders up. I could have used in this morning heading to the office from LGA. But my flight was 45 minutes late, something I don't think the system could adjust to handle. Also, the "gender-requirement" feature seems to try a bit too hard to tap into social networking. Speaking only for myself, I just want a cheaper ride from JFK or LGA. Maybe Hitchsters should consider a merger with AirTroductions, which allows you to choose who you sit next to on flights. The founder, who I think I know as a PR guy, was inspired by a serendipitous encounter with a former Miss Texas at 30,000 feet.

Friday: 5.5 miles, 42:00
Today: 5.75 miles, 46:03

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