Monday, April 23, 2007

Pigdog Sightings, Saudi Edition

Fighting the pigdog is tough enough, fighing it while simultaneously fighting off a pack of wild dogs is unreasonably difficult. Thankfully, Stroh of Arabia and I are unlikely to deal that in Delaware next month. The Saudi running scene is a different story. From the front lines of the GWOT: "Proud to say I did a solid 2:40 yesterday. Call it 19 miles. Felt pretty good too. There were some stare-downs with the pig-dog, and even more pressing, two seperate incidents with the weird pack of wild dogs that live in the Diplomatic quarter trail areas. They never actually attack, but they'll run after me until I stop and turn and throw a rock. So if I see them or hear them, or if they jump out at me, then I pick up a couple rocks and a stick and run carrying that crap until I get to the next section of the trail where they aren't. Eventful run."

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