Sunday, April 22, 2007

NIght Running

Another blog drought. I blame too much work (bad) and a KT visit (good). I'm just back from a recovery run, which was done much later than usual (9:30-10:15pm) because I was at the airport. Riverside Park is a much different place this time of night on a Sunday. First shady encounter: a man walking alone, talking on a cell phone, in the bird sanctuary. Next ones were to be expected: several homeless people setting up shop for the night around the benches south of 96th. Night runs like these can be quite peaceful because, other than the weirdos and vagrants, nobody's around, leaving to hear your footfalls and breathing.

Awesome run today by Ryan Hall, possibly the next great American marathoner. He debuted with a 2:08, sticking with the lead pack until near the end. The best part is he's only 24 and seems like a good dude.

Thurs. run: 5.75 miles, 44:30
Sat. long run: 17 miles, 2:11:11
Sun. run: 5.75 miles, 45:03

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