Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Secret of Martin Strel's Success

Martin Strel has demons. Something's gone awry that drives a guy to not only swim the Amazon, but also brave the demon candiru, which I believe is still keeping JPS up at night. Thanks to an old copy of Outside lying around the office that I picked up for the subway ride home, I've come across what makes Martin tick. "As a boy, I was beaten a lot by my parents and schoolmasters," he told the magazine. "This greatly contributed to my ability to ignore pain and endure." There you have it. Simple enough. Oh, Outside has been keen on Martin for some time, giving him the appropriate honor of making its "crazy mofos" list three years ago.

5.75 miles, 45:13


JPS said...

...just when I'm going to bed, I read about the toothpick fish. Thanks a lot...

Unknown said...

"Crazy mofos" seems a bit edgy for Outside magazine, no?

This crazy loon definitely has Lynn Cox beat, hands down.

BTW, I met the pigdog again on Sunday -- hardest ride yet!