Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taking on Mother Nature

The frustrating part of training for a marathon is the many things out of your control, particularly the weather. I've given up worrying about it, figuring to take it as it comes. The worst I can remember is a particularly warm day in Boston in 2002. Well, tomorrow, the Boston Marathon is going to be very, very wet and cold. The storm that caused our local TV station to instruct us to get our "go bags" ready is expected to linger in Boston. This is going to be a serious encounter with the Pigdog.
Participants anticipate the worst weather in the history of the world's oldest continuous marathon when the race begins tomorrow at 10 a.m.Forecasters predict heavy rain, 20 mph winds and temperatures around 40 degrees. Race officials expect to treat many cases of hypothermia among the 23,000 participants.

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