Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is the down time. I only run twice more before Sunday, once tomorrow and another short one Thursday. I'm resting, treating my blisters with my trusty supply of Aquaphor, brushing up on my Maurice Herzog and eating pasta in many forms. One thing I've started to contemplate is my time goal. My accuracy is usually pretty good. Only once was it way, way off, when I trudged home at Boston in 3:30, not the 2:59 I unwisely predicted. I don't have that much to go on for this run, since I haven't done any races since the Philly Marathon in November and I don't run with anybody regularly. My guess: 3:25. I fear Stroh of Arabia will lose me somewhere around mile 16, an ignominious repeat of the Mothers and Daughters Against Teen Smoking 4-Miler in 2000, when he brutally left me seized by hayfever a couple miles in. My only hope is that the pressure of the GWOT leads him to what I'll delicately call "improper race preparation" now that he's been on the ground nearly a week.


TunaTacoGrande said...

Slacker. I want you out there running every day until the race. Don't Run East. Just Do It!

TunaTacoGrande said...

Y, that is. Don't run EASY.