Sunday, May 13, 2007


Normally, I taper for three weeks, following the last true long run. Some people do two, but I've found three better for healing the little injuries the build up during training, cutting mileage in the first week by 50 percent, then another 20 percent. This time around, there wasn't time for a three-week taper. Thanks to too much going on, I only ran three times last week, about 17 miles. This week, I'll do another 9-10. While I can't say I feel in great shape, I don't have any major injuries to heal, just some blisters that don't want to go away. Some running book I have says there's no benefit from training during the last two weeks anyway, so worries about training deficiencies should instead by channeled into prayers.

Re. JPS's insinuation that "buck hunting" meant something a little more risquee than video games: Not so. Buck Hunter seems like an urban substitute for golf.

Re. Dr. Jim MD's Sheik memories: I don't think the Camel Clutch was on display that night at PW. If memory serves, however, you got into Sgt. Slaughter's grill, possibly even questioning his patriotism.

8 miles, 1:02:14


Jim said...

great picture

Jim said...

On my run in Riverside Park today - while you were working - I saw a "terrible towel" with the WWF logo on it. Very tempted to pick it up. Then I thought better of it.

Brian Morrissey said...

Should have grabbed it. Combining running with scavenging is a good call. Nice that you're doing midday runs.