Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Week to Go

This was a tough week for running. Thanks to travel, work obligations and my quest to improve my accuracy hunting buck, I rarely ran. I'm tapering now, so I guess that's OK, although the lack of running has made me simply feel out of shape. But my blisters are healing, my hamstring and IT band feel alright, and it looks like it might not be too hot next weekend. Maybe there's hope.

Unrelated, good to see the Iron Shiekh is dealing with his retirement in a constructive manner. I wonder why he wasn't asked about Bob Backlund.

4.5 miles, 34:39


JPS said...

a) we don't know what you mean by "hunting buck". i'm sure it's different than what we mean in oklahoma
b) the fish that saved pittsburgh is incredible. stockard channing, dr. j, the 70's lakers - i mean, what an incredible show!

Jim said...

I thought that the Iron Sheik segment was one of the funniest things I have seen on YouTube. Didn't we see him at the PW gym when we were kids?