Monday, June 4, 2007

Comrades Approaches

In just two weeks, 11,000 people will set out from Pietermaritzburg to run 55 miles to Durban, on the Indian Ocean. The Comrades Marathon is close to an obsession of mine. The fact that it's in South Africa helps, but the oddity of an ultramarathon being the Super Bowl of a country is awesome. It looks like Vladimir Kotov is one of the favorites again. I wonder if he gave the interview from his ice chamber he uses to help speed recovery while he trains by running up and down mountains in Kazhakstan. Amby Burfoot, the editor at Runner's World, ran it last year. He's got a good take on what makes it so unique: "Until last June, I didn't realize how much a race could reveal to me. Of me. Some races are humbling; this one stripped me bare."

4.5 miles, 36:23
4.5 miles, 34:46


Anonymous said...

TTG could run this thing.

JPS said...

I say go for it - a goal for 2008. Or maybe wait for a "down" year. That sounds easier.

Brian Morrissey said...

Two things: 1) I have every confidence that TTG would take down Comrades. 2) I think the down year might be harder. I can't imagine what the quads would feel like.