Saturday, June 9, 2007

Good Day for Man in Battle With Beasts

If there was every any doubt of man's superiority to beast, it should be dispelled by a couple of victories today over equines. First, in the Man vs Beast Marathon, not one but two human runners beat the first horse across the finish line in a 22-mile race that's apparently got some challenging terrain -- the BBC mentions "marsh, mountain and bog." Closer to home, Chad Johnson, the Bengals somewhat bizarre wide receiver, beat a horse in a short charity race. Chad apparently wanted to put the fix in over, running just 110 yards to the horse's 220. Kinda lame, and from what I saw on ESPN, it wasn't even close. Maybe these races will inspire Fox -- it has to be Fox -- to reprise the Man vs Beast special where the Japanese hot-dog eating champ took on a bear (Bear: 1, Japan: 0) and Shawn Crawford raced a giraffe (shorter competitor won) and a zebra (the animal took it).

5.75 miles, 45:03

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