Saturday, July 7, 2007

Time for the Tour

It is reassuring this time of the year to turn on OLN -- I won't call it Versus -- and here Phil Ligett and Paul Sherwin. It's time for the Tour. Of course, it's a bit of an awkward year, considering the entire sport's reputation is in toilet over the obviously rampant drug use. It should be interesting how they cover Floyd's limbo. I have to admit, I found it all a bit charming, the idea of these skinny dudes getting hooked up to IVs by Belgian masseurs in dodgy hotel rooms. Alas, I guess it's a new era. I guess I'll root for Levi Leipheimer this year, but it's probably Vino's year. I'm OK with that, particularly because his team is funded by Khazakstan's semi-despot leader.

5.75 miles, 45:26

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