Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tough Runs

There are days when, for whatever reason, runs aren't fun. It could be the weather, fatigue, an injury or just a bad day. Even though I don't enjoy the runs as much, I feel better afterwards for going through with it. That was tonight, a sluggish run in near 100% humidity and a light rain. But at the end, I was better off than this pathetic soul who the Times tells us has failed to sell his hard-earned extra iPhone.
Mr. Ostrowski had used a day off from his job at a hookah bar to stand in line. Now, he said, after factoring in the money he spent on gas and the waste of a free day, he views the entire venture as a net loss. “I’m probably better off getting a side job,” he said.
You think?

5.75 miles, 46:16

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