Sunday, October 28, 2007

Return of the Pigdog, Indy Edition

Yes, I've neglected the Pigdog. That's going to change.

The Indy Marathon was an ordeal, thanks to not enough training, a mysteriously queasy stomach and temperatures a little warmer than I'd like. But I'm OK with how it went, since I really just needed to get one out of the way after DE. As Gina Kolata pointed out in a recent marathoning story: The key is to not go out too fast. Easier said than done. I went out too fast and paid the price. The ugly numbers by the mile:

1. 7:02
2. 7:05
3. 7:04
4. 7:12
5. 7:02
6. 7:03
7. 7:11
8. 7:13
9. 7:14
10. 7:03
11. 7:23 (this was the mile where things fell apart. There's a surprising hill in a park that took a lot out of me.)
12. 7:36
13. 7:07
14. 7:23
15. 7:15
17:8:38 (ruh-ro)
20:9:17 (survival time + unscheduled rest room visit)
24: 9:16
26:12:58 (couldn't run much more than 30 seconds without cramps seizing my calves)

Finish:3:29, about my sixth best or worst marathon, depending on how you look at it.


Anonymous said...


Another thought on your Indy times. I am curious as to what your long-run pace/time on feet was during training?

The drop off towards the end could be an indicator that you are going too fast on your long runs. (wicked common with runners of your level--i don't have that problem).

As I'm sure you know, your "time on feet" for your long run should be close to your projected 26.2 race time.

Brian Morrissey said...

i probably did go out a little too fast. but i was in shape to run about a 3:10, i'd guess. I ran an 18-mile race three weeks before Indy in 2:07, or a 7:08 pace with a 6:50 last mile. I wasn't super-duper fit, but I wasn't totally out of shape.

Anonymous said...

Your marathon goal was 7:15 and you ran 18 miles @ 7:08 three weeks out? Do you think you could have left your marathon on that course?

Everyone is different, of course, and I am not saying you are doing this, but when I was coaching, I noticed that as runners became more competitive (particularly those with a sprinters build, like you) they started to disrespect the taper. Just something to keep in mind.

Brian Morrissey said...

Wait, I have a sprinter's build? I think you mean I'm carrying a little extra weight for a distance runner. Very true. When I ran 3:01 two years ago, I was 10 pounds lighter.

I didn't train very scientifically for Indy. I don't think an 18-miler at near race pace three weeks out is too much. My problems weren't from being overtrained, which I've done, but mostly just from a bad day (upset stomach) and poor pacing. I could be wrong, who knows.