Monday, October 29, 2007

Ryan Hall on

I'm not crazy about the direction Runner's World has gone. It seems to have taken the lowest-common denominator approach. Every cover was about Six Tips to Get Great Abs. But its new video channels is awesome. Ryan Hall, the 23-year-old who blew out a 2:08 first marathon in London this spring, is on talking about what makes him tick and what it was like to find himself in the lead pack with legends like Tergat and Gebreselassie. He has an awesome response: It may have been the first time I'd physically been with them, but I'd mentally been there while running through Big Bear," the place in California he grew up and lives. I hope he kicks ass on Saturday at the Time Trials. One quibble: RW doesn't allow embeds, even though that's standard with Brightcove. Lame. Here's the interview:

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