Monday, September 15, 2008

Nike's Revenge

Ok, so I've had some constructive criticism of Nike. One thing I've always praised is the Runner Station, a little hut on the West Side Highway that has gels, water, Gatorade and group runs. It's a great idea, and it saves me in the winter, when the water fountains are mostly turned off. This morning, I stopped into the Runner Station for Gatorade because watching football and drinking beer is not an ideal way to prepare for a 14-miler. The guy took a while giving me change for a $20. I gulped down the Gatorade, then shoved the money back in my shorts when he finally gave me back a wad of ones. Only later did I realize he'd given me this gross, probably unusable bill. I went into my bodega after the run to get chocolate milk, the guy refused the Nike money. "That gross," he told me. "Who gave you?"

14 miles, 1:47:02


Laura said...

Is it sweaty? I can't tell what makes it gross.

Brian Morrissey said...

not a good pic. it's brown with dirt and missing sections. it looks like it was buried somewhere, then lit on fire. if the bodega won't take it, i'm not sure what kind of luck i'll have.

PLe1 said...

So this has become an anti-Nike blog?

But it serves you right for running with a $20. Everyone runs with a $20 and that means we're constantly handing out $18.50 change. For safety reasons we try to keep as little money there as possible, so this constant stream of $20 bills means there's always a struggle to have change and the staff has to run to the bank several times a weekend. You must have caught them at a point where they'd already handed out all the $5s and $10s, and the box looked like the stage at a strip club. Next time run with a $5 or $10.

Also feel free to bring the bill back to the Station and tell them that Paul said to trade it out for you. I've got a little swing over there.

anaandjelic said...

oh camman ple1, this was obviously a joke.

Like, who can really blame Nike for such a thing?? Trust me, even people who don't like the brand won't think it is its fault for the bills it distributes!

Consequently, no explanation was necessary. Sense of humor recommended.

PLe1 said...

Anna, I was kidding.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is it was probably saturated with some other runner's ball sweat.