Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Week's Miles

Coming off the recovery week, I began the lactose threshold and endurance phase of the Pfitzinger plan. After six weeks of endurance training, I feel like I have a good base. As I wrote after my long run Friday, those 12-and 14-mile runs are paying off. Speed-wise, I'm not quite there, but the next several weeks are what hopefully will get me there. It was my most miles so far of training, made a little more complicated because I traveled to Washington to see friends. That made me mix up training a bit and move up my long run. The real test is an 18-mile race in two weeks. I'd like to race it to see for sure how I'm doing.

Miles: 69


Anonymous said...

Wow, that 10/14/11/21 pattern is touch and ambitious. No wonder your hammy is sore.

About your 30K race. May I humbly suggest you run it as a test, at goal marathon race pace, not all out. That is quite a long distance and the recovery will really eat into your training time.

Anonymous said...

Meant tough not touch.

Brian Morrissey said...

The runs last week got bunched up only because of scheduling around a trip out of town. The 11 wasn't awesome. But I had a day off before the long run. That helped.

Yes, I think I'd run the 18-miler at marathon pace. Last year, I did it in 2:08.

I don't know my heart rate b/c I don't wear a monitor. Despite my aversion to "gear," I should probably consider giving one a try.