Monday, September 8, 2008

Signs You're a Casual Runner

While out running tonight, I started thinking some about the serious vs casual runners post from last week. I honestly think it's great that anyone runs, whether it's once or twice a week, whether it's 6-minute miles or 10. Don't get me wrong, I respect everyone who does it. But it is true the larger the running community gets, the more pronounced the divide gets between serious and casual. I decided to come up with a (tongue-in-cheek) list of signs you might be a casual runner -- with the Seinfeld caveat that "there's nothing wrong with that." I'd say anyone ticking off three qualifies as an official casual runner. (I'm going to do a companion post later this week of signs you're a runner snob.)
  1. You've taken or made cell phone calls while running.
  2. Your iPod is as necessary as your sneakers.
  3. You prefer treadmills.
  4. You don't run when it rains.
  5. You won't drink out of public waterfountains.
  6. You say "never again" after a marathon -- and mean it.
  7. You admire Jeff Galloway and/or John "The Penguin" Bingham.
  8. Your favorite spot to run in NYC is the Reservoir.
  9. You wear cotton shirts and/or the race t-shirt during the race
  10. You enjoyed The Nike Human Race. (Kidding, sorta)
10 miles, 1:13 (5 miles at 6:40)


briang said...
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briang said...

And to start the list of signs you're a serious runner:

1. You have a fancy watch to track splits.

2. You've squatted in the bushes on a run to relieve yourself (for men, I think this involves #2, for women, either).

Anonymous said...

Serious runner:

# you remember the finish times and paces of your races, down to the second!

Anonymous said...

Great list...although after watching an old man wash his, um, backside (/shudder) after collecting water from a public fountain and a dog slobber all over the very same fountain's spout, I'm tempted to disagree with you on #5.

nyflygirl said...

love the list!!

to add to point 9...those people will also be wearing a fanny pack and line up at the front and proceed to walk 3 or 4 across when the starting horn sounds :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious that you mentioned the Reservoir. I was out with a sales guy from Chicago the other night. He and another guy were discussing taking a run in the morning. The guy from Chicago said the best place to run in NYC was the reservoir. The other guy declined his invite to the reservoir telling him it was too crowded and short.

Laura said...

Only #1 and #2 for me. Whew! I'm safe.

And this weekend I ran a half without my iPod, so I'm making progress toward getting rid of #2. #1 is only when I'm doing a race, going through a water stop (so walking anyway), and need to call my mom so she knows when to expect me to finish - without that call or a companion spectator, she's missed me finish every single time!

Morrissey said...

I'm a casual runner! :)

You've taken or made cell phone calls while running - check
Your iPod is as necessary as your sneakers - check
You prefer treadmills - ALWAYS check
You don't run when it rains - sometimes...check
Your favorite spot to run in NYC is the Reservoir...check
You wear cotton shirts and/or the race t-shirt during the race...check

You enjoyed The Nike Human Race. (Kidding, sorta)--- enjoy all the NIKE races--- except human race--- didnt do that one

Anonymous said...

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