Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nike Blows Recall

As some might recall, I had major problems with the Nike+ Sportband. It wasn't accurate, then simply stopped working when I wore it in the rain. Turns out I wasn't the only one having problems. Nike last month recalled the Sportband, or as Businessweek's headline calls a "faulty running tool." The problem: moisture gets into the display and busts it. Looks like I can get my $59 back, unlike those who suffered through The Human Race. Here's my problem: let's say I hear about this recall. What would I do? I plugged Nike+ Sportband into Google. I got a link to the Nike site. I expected to find the recall notice and explanation there. Nope. Instead, I'm just directed to a page for another (apparenlty functioning) Nike product, the Inspector Gadget-sounding Nike+iPod WatchRemote. That's kinda crap. I'm searching for one product that's been recalled, and Nike swaps in another product it wants to sell. Nike made a big point of telling BusinessWeek this is a "voluntary recall," yet it's not making it very easy for poeple that got this shitty product to find out Nike knows it's shitty. (It's paying for a Google ad, but it directs to its main e-comerce page, not recall details.) Yet again, we have the image versus reality problem rearing its head.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize nike recalled its product... I spent all day looking for one to replace the damaged one I have now. I even called foot locker and nike and no one told me it was recalled!!! Nike advised me to contact foot locker for a replacement... hmm strange. Nothing about a recall I only found out when I searched on line for a store with it... I've liked nike for a while but now well.I won't say anything I full of rage.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Under Armour will be attempting to enter the running shoe market. According to a few runners who tested them, they are not too bad.

Will be interesting to see how they do in what is a very tough market to penetrate (huh-huh-huh I said penetrate).

My guess is they will sell pretty well with the Under-30 demographic right off the bat.

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