Saturday, April 7, 2007

Six Weeks to Marathon

As my dreadfully slow run last night made clear, I'm out of shape. I don't mean like fat slob out of shape, but I have probably the worst fitness level in seven years. That's OK, life gets busy, it happens. Thanks to some nagging hamstring injuries, I planned to skip a spring marathon for the third straight year to concentrate on getting healthy for the fall. I might change that. Stroh of Arabia wrote this morning with the news he's coming back to the U.S. in May, and he plans to run a marathon while here. Stroh and I have teamed up to conquer everything from the NYC Marathon to the Kurt Steiner 50k to the Cirulnick 50k. One day, we'll add Comrades. So I'm committing to the Delaware Marathon on May 20. Stroh and I were supposed to run this last year, but I'd forgotten about KnoxandAshley's wedding. He ended up battling a guy in a pink ballerina costume. It's one thing to take on the pigdog, quite another to confront that. I've got six weeks to get in shape. Yikes.

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