Sunday, May 6, 2007

Crisis Averted: Wayne to Rescue

Phew, that was close. The wise Wayne Kursh, director of the Delaware Marathon, agreed that it would be a pity if I didn't run the marathon, especially since Stroh of Arabia is taking time from the GWOT to do it. So, I'm in. That's a relief. Now I just have to run it. My immediate concern is in the form of two large blisters on the side of left foot, the result of a 20-mile run in new sneakers. I performed some semi-gruesome surgery today to lance them. Hopefully they'll heal over the next few days. I hope to get a couple of runs in while in Seattle. When I was there last year, I didn't have a chance.

Breakfast: orange juice, two bagels, vegetable cream cheese
Lunch: street fair sausage and pepper sandwich
Dinner: linguini with pesto, corn

4.5 miles, 35:37

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