Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Order in Seattle

Not much time for running in Seattle. I did, however, get in short run late my first afternoon here. It took my along the Sound for a few miles to a little park. All in all, an OK run, although mostly along sidewalks and touristy restaurants. Seattle residents amaze me: They refuse to cross the street until the light changes. There can be no cars, no danger, but nobody will take a step off the curb. Strange.

5.5 miles, 41:17

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JPS said...

I remember when David Brinkley hosted 'This Week' from Seattle in '92 or '93 after being there for a convention or something. For his little human interest bit at the end of the show he went on and on about how nobody honked or jaywalked at all in his 1 week there. He was so jaded by a lifetime of living in NY and DC that he was absolutely astounded...